Springcleaning and CNY

It’s the 2nd day of CNY and some people are still busy with their CNY visiting. As for CG and I, we spent the day resting. Had a few guests in the early afternoon, then it was back to Wii (for CG) and assignments (for me). 😛 One thing that I must complain, my lecturer is nuts! Why must he give us PROJECTS to be submitted after CNY? Doesn’t he realise that people are taking the time to have fun or just rest? And to think that he is also a Chinese! 🙁

Anyway, back to my topic on springcleaning and CNY. CG and I spent Saturday evening and night doing our springcleaning and boy, it was really tiring! We vaccumed and mopped the floor (resisting the temptation to call the commercial floor cleaning company couple times), and cleaned the windows and railings too. We were really exhausted by the time we were done. And one thing about my place, you only have to leave the windows open for 2 hours and hey presto, it’s time for another cleaning session! 🙁

We went down to Chinatown on CNY Eve. Reached there at about 11.30pm, nothing really much to see. It wasn’t really very crowded, probably due to recession or the slight drizzle. Surprisingly, there weren’t many stalls that were slashing their prices too. Only those stalls that were selling the “ox-year decor”. Guess they didn’t want to keep their stocks for another 12 years. 😛

1st day of CNY was simple – CG’s parents’ place, my maternal grandma’s place and my mum’s place. And we did the modified bai nian. Brought many oranges and just went to bai nian to all the elders that were there. Haha, so we don’t have to go to each and every house over the 15 days. 🙂

I think as we age, CNY doesn’t seem so exciting anymore. I still look forward to CNY, for it’s a good time of family gathering and bonding, but I guess I’m not as excited as when I was a kid. Nevertheless, I still appreciate the break from work. 🙂

It’ll be celebrations at work tomorrow, so 1 more day of break. But there are still masters lessons tomorrow. Arrggghhh!

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