New pfingo ringback service

I’ve been using pfingo for quite a while to make cheap call… well, it’s free because I am still using the free credits I got.

It was always “difficult” to use when I’m in Singapore because

  1. I need to use the laptop or connect using wifi on my E61
  2. This usually means I’m at home or somewhere with a landline… Now why do I want to pay to call using pfingo when local landline calls are virtually free?

Don’t get me wrong, I still use it locally… e.g. to call PG when she is overseas… but I also have a zone1511 account and I use that too if I have to call overseas on the move.

Finally, there is a practical way to use this pfingo service. They have (finally) implemented ringback or callback service. You’ll receive the callback on your handphone and after you pick up the call, you can dial the number you want. Handphone charges? Free incoming calls.

The callback can be triggered via internet or by calling a special number (or by sms… although I haven’t figured out why anyone would want to do that and get charged for the sms). I suppose it uses the caller id to identify who to call back. The rates? 5 cents / min (for Singapore to Singapore).

Introducing Ringback
How would you like to turn your expensive outgoing calls into cheap incoming calls and enjoy even lower charge rates? With pfingo’s newly launched Ringback service, you can keep in touch with your friends and family even more regularly!
As long as you’re in Singapore and just want to make cheap local calls, just use pfingo’s Ringback! And the best part is you don’t need WIFI/GPRS or any Internet connection. How does this work? Easy!:
Via Dial:
Simply dial 81180000, the call will be dropped (no charge for you), then you will receive a ringback with an automated message telling you to key in your friend’s phone number. Next, a connection will be established and your friend’s phone will ring.
Via SMS:
SMS <call countrycode+areacode+friend’s phone no.> to 81180000, after which, you will receive a ringback already connected to your friend’s phone. Please note that you will be charged by your current telco for the SMS.
While travelling, you can use Ringback via the pfingo portal – – or from your pfingo client on your mobile. And just to make it more convenient, we’ve also launched the Ringback application on Facebook, so you can jump into a call while you’re surfing around on Facebook! But remember, you’ll need a WIFI/GPRS/Internet connection to launch these calls. So whether you’re making calls while you’re travelling or if you’re calling from Singapore these few easy steps will get you on your way to better call rates!
Try it now!

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