C, P & J Our Family Memoirs

Eyes opened


Good morning :)

Baby was born on 11 Nov 2013. Weight : 2.905 kg Height : 49 cm

Getting ready :)


Almost 1.5 years since we got the keys to our place, and more than a year since we moved in. Should have posted these pictures earlier, but it’s never too late…

Marin Pioneer Trail Disc

Bought this bike about a year ago http://www.marinbikes.com/2011/bike_specs.php?serialnum=1574 Series Overview ALLOY HT Series : Marin’s Alloy HT series combines off road durability with performance componentry for active riders. Lightweight, butted 6000 series Edge 3...

Our Holiday – Part 2!

Was told that I have been keeping the readers hanging… Hee Hee… Here’s more updates! 🙂 Day 4 – 23 Nov 2010 We slept until about 9am, before heading out for the Freedom Trail....

A New Milestone – Our HDB flat

This really should have been posted on 21 May 2011, 3 weeks ago. That was the day we got our keys to our new HDB flat. Impressed? So were we! Didn’t expect our HDB...