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Eyes opened


Good morning :)

Baby was born on 11 Nov 2013. Weight : 2.905 kg Height : 49 cm

Getting ready :)

Shopping for baby stuff

Bought these on my previous trip to the USA

Time-Charging for Church Work

Some of you know that I maintain the website for my church. The issue of time-charging is something that I have been thinking about for quite a while. The principles are clear – when...

What has CG been up to?

I realised that I have not posted any updates for a long time… Some quick updates 1. Camera Nope, still have not bought my new camera. Still eyeing the EOS 5D mark II, but...

Financial Investments

One of our friends recently commented that we have not blogged for quite a while. Well, I have been spending some time looking at investment opportunities and I am going to share some of...

It’s over!

Yes, for those who have been following my posts, my masters journey is over. I officially handed in my thesis on 14 Apr and that’s it! Thank God for that! For those who have...

品冠 – 我以為

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