Steigen Solar

We bought and installed the Steigen Solar (1.8M drop height).

It was the only one we found in the market with the drop height for our high ceiling.

Remote Control
Quick Drying
Mobile App
2 sets of Blower (3 hrs auto turnoff)
Average drying speed (T-shirt and jeans): 1-2 hrs


Machine host: 1240mm x 306mm (48.82in x 12.05in)
Rack before extension: 1270mm x 500mm (50.0in x 19.69in)

Length: 1270mm (default) 2170mm (max)
Extendable length: Up to 450mm on either side
Width: 500mm
Height: 220mm

Installation Space Required: Space of 1300mm x 700mm x 230mm i

Energy Consumption

Total : 870W

LED light: 12 watts
Lifting motor: 138 watts
Solar dryer: 700 watts
Air circulators: 20 watts

0.72 kWh when using Solar function


6500K Cool White, 1600 lm


35kg lifting weight (120kg stationary weight)

1. International Standard. IEC 60335
2. European Standard. EMC, LVD

2 Years on All Parts and Services
5 Years on Motor

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