Fathers’ Day

This is a long overdue post, but since I am not in the mood to do anything else, thought I’ll just blog…

Went to church on Fathers’ Day.  This is the first time I stepped into church on Fathers’ Day since my dad passed away. For the past 4 years, it hurt so much whenever Fathers’ Day was near. I never wanted to go to church on the day itself because they would ask the dads to stand and I would feel very very sad.

This year was no exception. As Fathers’ Day drew near, I could feel the dread coming. I started to think of not going for service, but somehow I also felt that this was not the long-term solution. I had to face up to it someday.

So on Fathers’ Day itself, I went to church. I must say that I went with much fear, even though there was nothing really to fear. I thought that the sermon was really good.  I felt very ministered and I could feel God telling me that I have to trust Him. At the end of the service, I was really glad that I went. I benefitted from a good sermon and I felt God’s comforting hands.

Many people celebrate Fathers’ Day.  They bring their dads out for dinner, buy presents etc. Actually I feel that how you treat your dad daily is more important. If you only treat your dad well once a year, then I would say that it is very sad. Treasure your dad while he is around. 🙂

Happy belated Fathers’ Day!  🙂

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