Being thankful

Life after masters is just lovely. Been busy with work and choir practices, but life is still manageable.  🙂

During choir devotion yesterday, we were asked to share about the times when we felt really unsupported, only to realise on hindsight that God is there for us.  As I thought back, I realised that there were many such instances. The masters thesis was one good example. I have never felt adequate in terms of intellectual abilities. In fact, just a couple of months ago, I was still wondering how will I ever come up with the thesis. It didn’t help that I had a supervisor with very demanding expectations and criticize me at every consultation. But God is good, He saw me through the entire journey. Everything still went smoothly and well. 🙂

A sister in Christ shared with me, that God put those trials in my life, cos with every trial, I have a  new testimony to share. On hindsight, it is true. There have been many points of my life that I felt very down. There have many instances that I have told God that it was beyond what I can bear. There have been many instances when I told God that I am really helpless and at a loss. But my faithful and almighty God has never left me. He was always with me and saw me through every single time. 🙂

4 more days to choir concert. It has been months of preparation but I have really enjoyed the practices. Like we always pray, we thank God for the privilege to use our voices to serve Him and we pray that we can be used to minister to those who come for the choir concert.

Please keep praying with us as we prepare for the concert. Pray that ultimately He will be glorified. 🙂

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