God will NEVER fail me! :)

It’s been a really long while since I last posted. Been very busy. Busy with what? Busy with my masters, my work, TGBCG etc. I must say that though I have been busy, doing TGBCG stuff makes me the happiest. Maybe it appeals to my interest, maybe it’s new, maybe it’s labouring for God, I don’t really know. But I do know that an e-mail about TGBCG can make me very excited and I would set out to do whatever needs to be done. Change it to a similar situation where some other e-mail is sent. I’ll merely read through, then go on to read other e-mails. 😛

During this period of time, many changes have taken place at work. Through all these, God has shown me that He is always with me. There is a leader whom I really respect at work, however over the years, I started to think otherwise. Somewhere in June, I hoped for some changes to take place at work and recently, the change happened.  I was really elated! It was a prayer come true! However, some days later, I found out that the person whom I thought I should be grateful to, had no part to play in it. It then dawned upon me that the one who is in ultimate control is none other than my Heavenly Father. He was the one who heard my prayers and He was the one who granted my desires.

Through this and many other lessons, my belief was reinforced. Man can be nice to you, but they can always fail you. However, there is someone who will always be with you and will never fail you, and that person is none other than God. Time and again, He has shown me that He is by my side. Time and again, He has shown me that He is listening to me and lifting me up. Time and again, He has shown me that He is in control and nothing is impossible for Him. What a good God we serve!

Through TGBCG, I see God’s almighty hand working in it. He has blessed us in so many aspects of this project, whether big or small. Indeed, we labour in vain, unless God is with us. I am so glad to be His child. I do hope that in all aspects of my life, I can be like Christ. Though I may often fall short, but I shall perservere. I want to walk in faith, step-by-step with my Heavenly Father guiding me. 🙂

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