Starhub is slow

PG and I are currently connected to the internet using starhub… and it is slow… especially when I try to watch some youtube videos.

Our starhub plan
Yes, we are on the cheapest surflite plan that provides only 2 Mbps download and 256 Kbps upload. We chose starhub over singtel because it was the cheapest internet option at that time.

Go for a faster plan? Nope. That is not going to work… out network is not saturated…

Our home network
Basically, this is how we are connected to the internet

Cable Modem -- Powerline Network -- Powerline Network
                                  Linksys Router
         |            |           |           |              |
Network Printer   Telephone    Laptop 1    Laptop 2     Other devices

You get the idea… basically, eveything goes through the Linksys Router. (The powerline networking device is supposed to be capable of speeds up 200 Mbps, so that should not affect us.)

Our bandwidth usage
I’m using DD-WRT firmware on the linksys router. There is a configuration page that shows how much bandwidth I am using real time and… this is how it looks at night when I try to watch youtube.


I’m only using about half the bandwidth! And in case you are wondering… it is much faster early in the morning

Starhub does not have sufficient capacity. With more people switching to HD cable TV.. I can only imagine the demand for bandwidth to increase. Go for singtel if you can… or wait for the network to be upgraded…

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3 Responses

  1. CG says:

    Oh… haha… I see which chart you mean 🙂

  2. CG says:

    It’s just a screen capture. The router software has a real-time chart page

  3. mei says:

    mian and i are seriously amazed that you actually DREW the chart. but he’s also interested to discuss about the cable network.