An injured back

Some of you may know, that I was down with an injured back for the whole of last week. It started on Monday morning. After I had vaccumed the floor, I experienced a sharp pain in my left lower back. It was very very bad. Spent a few hours in bed but the pain did not go away. In fact, the pain got worse on Tues and really really bad on Wed.

My close friends would know that I have an old back muscle injury. I suspect it recurred because I didn’t sleep on a proper bed when I was having a camp last Friday. Plus the wrong posture when I was vaccuming the floor. Anyway, I just tried to bear with the pain and walked around slowly, like a 70-year-old old women with ostereoporsis. It got so bad that my colleagues could tell that I was having back pains, just by the way I was walking.

On Wed afternoon, the pain became quite unbearable for me. I had to leave the conference early to go and see a sinseh. The one that I usually go to was closed, so I asked my uncle to bring me to his friend. The sinseh said that it was an old injury and was because I didn’t have the right posture. Rubbed my back muscle and I screamed in pain.

When I woke up on Thurs morning, it was much better but the pain still made its presence felt. Since I felt much better, the first thing I did was to vaccum my floor again. πŸ˜› And after I was done, I had to head straight to bed cos the pain came back. πŸ˜›

On Friday morning, my uncle brought me to this massage therapist at Cornation Plaza. To be honest, I think I probably brought the place down with my screams. But it was truly very very painful. The massage therapist was joking that Iwould probably have scared all his other customers away. But I must say, the massge therapist is good!  After the back massage, I was 90% back to normal, with slightly aches.

And I’m glad to say, I think I’ve recovered.  πŸ™‚  Still got to be a bit careful and watch my posture etc, but I’m thankful that the pain left me.

And yes, that was how I spent 1 week of holidays…  πŸ™

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