Paradigm shift…

Just chatted with 2 of my friends who are now stay-at-home mums. It was nice catching up with them and it’s really amazing how their priorities shifted. They used to be ambitious young ladies, but now all they are concerned about is their kid.

And I must admit, my priorities have shifted too. I dun deny that work was once my top focus. Everything was about work. Every bit of energy was spent on work. Not that I don’t do that now, but I don’t work as hard now. (hee hee, my boss doesn’t get to read this…  :P) Perhaps I’m also jaded because of the issues I face, but more importantly, I have a new goal that I want to achieve, I want my own home and family.

I used to look forward to going to work, and just found working so enjoyable. Yes, I know you’d probably think I’m mad. Now I look forward to weekends, and because I don’t work until Sun night, I find myself rushing to meet deadlines again and again. It has become a fire-fighting process and it’s making me very tired. But I must justify that I still do my part, and rush out whatever I have to, so that I don’t delay others and hold them up.

I have 2 very close girlfriends, and we used to be known as the “3 J sisters”. 😛 Out of the 3 of us, there is 1 particular one who has always said that her ambition is to be a homemaker. It used to be very unbelieveable to us. Even up to now, she’s still saying that she’s working so that she can save enough to stay at home in future. But now I think I can understand what she’s looking forward to.

As most of you would know, I love children. I simply adore them. And this is part of the reason for my profession. I can never stay angry at children for long. No matter how wrong they were, I can still forgive them. I can’t say the same about adults though. CG likes to call me the “baby-sitter” and I seriously don’t mind the title. 🙂 And I know that some of my friends who are reading this post are already planning to leave their kids with me. Haha, I don’t mind, if I do not already have plans. 😛

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