I just had a heated argument with my mum. I ultra can’t stand her “well-meaning” colleagues who keep telling her about the wedding customs.  For one, I don’t believe in them. Second, I find them ultra troublesome and nonsensical. It just makes me very upset and angry.

Each time my mum tells me about these wedding customs, it only serves to make me flare up. Why can’t it just be simple? As it is, there are already a lot of things to be done, we don’t need these silly things to add to the list! 🙁

When I confided in some of my girlfriends who are already married, they asked me to just give in. My married cousins gave me the same advice. To be very honest, I feel that I’ve already been very accomodating. I hate it when I have to do things against my wishes, but for the wedding, I have already taken some of the “customs” into consideration when I plan the schedule. And if you ask me, I know of couples who did not follow any of these customs and are still happily married.

If only my dad was around… He would take control and I know he would not force me to do anything I don’t wish to do…

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2 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Hey dear,

    Can understand – even though the wedding should be a happy day, people tend not to realize how stressful coordinating it can be!

    Agree with mei – pray for grace in handling the stress and loved ones…

  2. mei says:

    hi pg, don’t fret. wedding should be a happy occasion. but sadly, parents can get too excited esp if it’s the first one in the family. we too had our share of irritating moments. we took it to the Lord in prayer and He gave us wisdom and gentleness to handle it all!