Just 1 short breather…

The Thai guests have gone back!  I feel very bad because I’m glad that they have gone home, but I must say, it was really tiring.  When we went to Thailand, they were really great hosts.  The difference is, when they hosted us, all other work were covered by other colleagues.  However, when they came to Singapore, we had to host them amidst our hectic schedule.  I reached home at about 8.25pm last night and slept from 8.30pm until this morning.  It just goes to show how tired I was.  Surprisingly, I woke up when CG called me, though I slept through other missed calls, many messages, several reminders set on my HP and the super loud alarm.  =P  Well, D can vouch that I’m a super sound sleeper…  Hee hee…  But I still woke up when CG called me.  And this goes to show, I was not always ‘not at home’ as he claims.  =P 

Now that the Thai guests have gone back, I managed to take a short breather of 1 good night’s rest.  Since this morning, I started on a new project.  My big boss called me on Tues night to ask if I could head a committee for an event.  To be very honest, I am very happy to be appointed.  I see value in this event and I look forward to working on it.  I have some unconventional ideas which I do not know if my other colleagues in the committee will agree to it.  So far I’ve presented my ideas to some of my bosses and they are very supportive.  Please pray for me that the other colleagues will be just as receptive.  =)

Tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll be working the whole day.  Well, not much of a choice because of schedule clashes.  Got a meeting starting at 6.30pm.  Let’s hope that everyone will be productive so that we can end early.

And the horror of horrors…  I have an assignment due on Wednesday!!!  Arrrggghhh!!!

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